Introducing: Tribal trend.

11 jul. 2011


I'm obsessed with this new trend, I have never been interested with Africa or with the african culture, but this trends is just lovely! I like the 'crafty' look of the accesories, the feathers in everything (even in the hair), the pallete of colors such as brown, a lot of orange, very warm and ecofriendly. Also I love the way that the designers uses the bronze and the leather, it makes everything looks like "hand made". The tribal trend consists of strong graphic prints combined with warm, earthy tones and natural accents.

As you notice I have a 'difficult to describe' style, because I love the earthy simple style, but I also love to dress rocker and quite complicated. Last week I bought a tribal/girly top, I can't wait to use it!

It all started because I wanted a dreamcatcher a few months ago, but I wanted it with feathers, so, I visited a lot of "tribal" stores and I fell in love instantly, I think is a very funny and easy to wear trend. I love the shapes of the clothes, the freedom of the accesories and the conection between the season with the trend.


love tribal print skirts! so perfect with a simple black t-shirt! also loving your style ;)

Beautiful clothes and accessories!
Love them all!