TJ TREND 2: Tarango Garcia

17 jul. 2011

Colorful patterns, ethnic, flirty and feminine were the style that Tarango Garcia presented to us in the TJ TREND No. 2. He shows us a colorful and classic fall, with the girly and faultless style that remind us the 50's perfect girl, huge variety of colors such as green aqua, hot pink and blue klein, a lot of high-waist skirts and simple but perfect hair style and makeup.

I love the laid-back attitude of the models, the music was perfect and I have to say that Tarango's ad was my favorite, clear and nice. The black and gray accents in the dresses are near to the tribal style (which I absolutely love) that is very in, in this season, and the perfect match were the shoes that were striking but do not overshadowed the dresses. I had already seen Tarango's designs in last's year catwalk, and I like the most this last collection, it looks more detailed and colorful, happier. This collection showed a colorful and ladylike Tarango, but respecting the gray and black details that always represented him. I would definitely like to acquire one of his dresses, specially the first one, it is my favorite.